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Freedom Through Forgiveness

We've all have been hurt in some way by someone else. Or perhaps, we did the hurting.  Either way, these experiences can leave us wounded and oftentimes drowning in a cycle of bitterness and resentment.  The Forgiveness Course, more akin to a retreat, addresses forgiveness through an integrated lens by incorporating research/data, development of virtuous habits, and the cultivation of our prayer life to help us heal in mind, body, and spirit.

Join Catholic theologian, speaker and life coach, Tom McCabe, as he navigates the tumultuous waters of resentment, and guides us through the stages of forgiveness to find peace, clarity, and the freedom to forgive.  Learn how the mind and emotions process resentment and what you can do about it.

Opening retreat: March 25, 9 am- noon Eastern.

Five Thursdays 7pm-9pm Eastern Time, Mar 30, April 13, 20, 27, May 4 (No Class on Holy Thursday, April 6)

Closing Retreat: Saturday, May 6, 9am-12noon

To inquire about partial payments or scholarships, email [email protected] or call 678-910-1526.

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These videos from Tom McCabe, Christoper West and Fr. Mike Schmitz offer a glimpse at what you'll experience in the course.



“It is in the Freedom Through Forgiveness course where I have found the blessing that was needed to get on my path of healing from past traumas. My past had put me in a state where I was disconnected from the things that I needed to get me well. The course helped me find the courage to face the reality that I was keeping a wall between everyone and everything that I thought would cause me pain and suffering. How ironic, for that is what is needed to start on the path to healing. Through the self-examination exercises that were assigned, and through the communal support I received from others in the course, I endured my trial and found true freedom that strengthened my spirit. All of this was aided by the proficiency and efficaciousness of our adept guide, Tom McCabe. His willingness to provide assistance and encouragement was an added blessing. I can only give my encouragement to anyone considering taking this Forgiveness Course, in hopes that the person will become as thankful and blessed as I have been in doing so.” — Lucy S.

“I have appreciated the challenge (in the course) to track our mindset. I have found that when life picks up speed, it is harder to keep up with this, and the reminders have been helpful. I appreciate the permission to slow down my day to focus on mindset. It has helped quite a few days to turn (it) around when they were headed in a direction I did not appreciate. I have noticed a few days when I feel disagreeable and then, I focus on what to be thankful for in the moment. Once I open my heart to gratitude, my other issues seem to diminish.” — Sally

“I was struggling with forgiveness in a particular area in my life. My friend suggested I get in touch with Tom McCabe as he facilitates a forgiveness course. Tom is a genuine person, his kindness, love, patience, and ability to listen was demonstrated in our first conversation. I admire his ability to connect with me immediately and his passion to help was heartwarming. I participated weekly in the course, and it has truly helped me. I am no longer angry or struggling with that area of my life, it is not fully healed; however, I am moving in the right direction.” — Conrad R.

“The age-old adage of ‘to forgive and forget’ is a lot easier said than done. When I started this course, I had already done a lot of good work around forgiveness and had gotten quite far. But recent events had sent me back. The Freedom Through Forgiveness course is founded on a combination of psychological and spiritual principles that lays out a daily journey using scripture and other content to help persons understand what is blocking them so as to find a way to freedom to forgive. It brought together a wonderful group of persons all supporting each other in this journey for inner healing. I cannot begin to tell which part of the course did the healing – there were so many helpful parts. Tom was a great, and compassionate guide through the process. I recommend it to anyone who is struggling to forgive as well as to anyone who wants to help others forgive!” — Sharon

“I took the Freedom Through Forgiveness course a couple of years ago and it has singlehandedly been the best thing I have done in the past two years. I was able to move on from the hurt and pain from what I saw as wrongs committed against me. I learned to forgive and to move on, and it has improved my relationship with the people involved tenfold. I now can see them and not worry about any of those events that happened previously. I want to encourage you if you are considering participating. You cannot go wrong with the Freedom through Forgiveness Course.” — Marty B.