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We provide faithful Catholics with guided, customized programs designed to remove psychological obstacles to giving and receiving love from God and neighbor.

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Learn about a robust, online community made up of like-minded Catholics from around the world, who are committed to their human formation, informed by Internal Family Systems and grounded in an authentic Catholic understanding of the human person.

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Join Dr. Peter weekly to discover more about IFS and its practical application in your own life.

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Listen as Dr. Peter brings you the best in human formation, the foundation for spiritual growth.

Foundation Experiential Groups for Catholic Helping Professionals

Are you a Catholic therapist, coach, or spiritual director invested in  your own human formation, informed by Internal Family Systems and firmly grounded in a Catholic understanding of the human person? Then you may be interested in learning more about the Foundation Experiential Groups. The next groups will be forming this summer to begin in September.

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If you’re a Catholic therapist, please go to our Interior Therapist Community page for details.

If you’re a Catholic coach or spiritual director, check out this downloadable PDF flyer, and complete this interest survey.

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