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Catholic Journeymen


A unique community for Catholic men…

Join a group of faithful Catholic men seeking restoration, wholeness, and integrity in areas of vocation, sexuality, and relationship with God, self, and others.  Catholic Journeymen is a safe place for men to share burdens, receive support, and be nourished by a distinctive program combining behavioral health science and the Catholic tradition.


As a member of CJM, you will benefit from:

  • Weekly small group meetings
  • Sharing, encouragement, and fellowship
  • One-on-one mentorship/accountability program
  • Presentations from Dr. Gerry and other experts in behavioral health
  • Regular discussion on topics including prayer and meditation, media and culture, healing past wounds, authentic masculinity, holiness, and virtue
  • Access to Souls and Hearts courses on healing marriage after pornography use and discerning one's vocation (over $200 value)

Join Dr. Gerry Crete and a group of committed Catholic men in a unique community that integrates faith, psychological insight, and the opportunity to build life-changing relationships.


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Do you have to be Catholic to join?

We want to create a safe place for Catholic men to share their faith. If you are Eastern Orthodox, Anglo-Catholic, or on your way to becoming Catholic, you are welcome also, but you must be open and positive and cannot be anti-Catholic.  This is not a place for apologetics or debating the Catholic faith. 


What are some rules for being part of the CJM community?

The main “rule” for the community is the golden rule: "do onto others…" There will be moderators, but we ask that everyone be respectful and gentlemanly.  Vulgar language, personal attacks, and the like will not be tolerated.  We will refrain from engaging in political or religious debate.  CJM is a community for deepening one's Catholic faith, instilling personal growth, and nuturing Christian brotherhood.  Anyone who is sincerely interested in that is most welcome.


What does CJM cost?

Membership in CJM costs $49/month.  The first month is free and you can cancel at anytime if it isn't the right fit for you.


Is CJM therapy?

Catholic Journeymen is not therapy and we do not provide therapy through Souls and Hearts.  However, we have recruited many Catholic mental health professionals and experts in addiction to provide resources, leadership, and support.  In addition, most of our members engage in regular therapy and we help members connect with quality therapists.  Check out