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Catholic Journeymen


A Community for Catholic Men…

Join a community of faithful Catholic men seeking to renew their lives through prayer, personal growth, healing, and brotherhood!

Are you seeking?

  • A deeper, richer prayer life
  • Skills to reduce anxiety, depression, scrupulosity, addiction, or some other life challenge
  • Improved relationships with spouse, children, parents, and friends
  • Ways to be a better father, husband, lay person, priest, or religious brother
  • A brotherhood of faithful men to support you on the journey

Beginning July 1st, join Dr. Gerry Crete and a group of committed Catholic men in a unique community that integrates Catholic faith, psychological insights, and an opportunity for building relationships. 


The Catholic Journeymen community will open at 8am on July 1st.

Put your name on the waiting list to receive a registration link!

Here are some of the unique features of Catholic Journeymen…

  • Weekly office hours with Dr. Gerry 
  • Monthly web meetings with Dr. Gerry and guests
  • Each member will have a mentor who will check in with them weekly
  • Each member will belong to a small group for more personal sharing
  • Weekly online discussions on topics such as:
    • Catholic meditation
    • Anxiety and scrupulosity
    • Addictions: substances, porn, video games, etc.
    • Media and popular culture
    • Healing from past wounds
    • Masculinity
    • Relationships
  • Access to Souls and Hearts courses on porn addiction and vocational discernment (over $200 value)



  • The regular cost is $89/month but for members taking advantage of early registration (July/August 2021) the cost is just $49/month for the first year (12 months)
  • If you require a scholarship or discount due to financial hardship, contact Dr. Gerry at [email protected] 
  • You can cancel anytime if it isn’t the right fit for you


Do you have to be Catholic to join?

We want to create a safe place for Catholic men to share their faith. Having said that, if you are Eastern Orthodox, Anglo-Catholic, or on your way to becoming Catholic, you may join as long as you are open and positive. The bottom line is that you cannot be anti-Catholic, and this is not a place for apologetics or debating the Catholic faith. This is a place for deepening the Catholic faith, personal growth, and fellowship. 


Golden Rule

The main “rule” for the community is the golden rule – do onto others… There will be moderators, but we ask that everyone be respectful and gentlemanly – absolutely no vulgar language, personal attacks, etc. We will refrain from engaging in political or religious debates. 


Catholic Journeymen is not therapy

Catholic Journeymen is not about therapy and we do not provide therapy through Souls and Hearts. Most of our members engage in regular therapy with a licensed mental health professional and Catholic Journeymen is not a substitute for therapy. If you are seeking therapy, check out our free video:

Catholic Journeymen - Invitation!