The Role That Emotions Play in a Good Catholic’s Life

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2019

By Matthew McCall, Psy.D.

Many people today who are striving to grow in their faith and become a “good Catholic” find emotions confusing. Are emotions wrong and sinful? Do they cloud our ability to reason? Are they things to be controlled and suppressed in order to attain sanctity?

The reality is that God created our emotions, often called our passions, for many reasons. By better understanding what role they play in our lives, we can appreciate them for what they are and how they...

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How to Manage Teens and Screens

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2019

by Gerry Crete, Ph.D. and Matthew Riegel, Ed.S.

If you’re a Catholic parent in this era of iPhones, Androids, video games, and computers, you’ve probably struggled with the question of how and when to allow your children to have access to all this technology. This was the central discussion that took place after the screening of a documentary called Screen-Agers, which occurred in Atlanta this week.

Technology is a useful and, it seems, necessary tool which is here to stay, for...

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Embrace a Healthy and Holy Attitude of Gratitude

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2019

by Eric Gudan, Psy. D.

Today is a national holiday that should be all about togetherness and gratitude. Before our country’s founding, Thanksgiving celebrated generosity between communities, despite racial differences. Now, nearly 400 years later, our modern society too often associates Thanksgiving with impossible relatives, congested highways, and complicated meal preparation. Throw in the ever-encroaching Black Friday sales, marking the annual shift into materialistic consumerism,...

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