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Join Dr. Peter Malinoski as he guides faithful Catholics on a journey of integration of self. Get to know yourself more deeply, grow in your relationships, and trust God more completely. Travel with us in this podcast as we embrace our opportunities to thrive psychologically and spiritually in these uncharted waters.


The Primacy of Love


In this episode, I discuss the central importance of love as the marker of well-being from a Catholic perspective -- our capacity to live out the two great commandments. We explore how love is the distinguishing characteristics of Christians, we detail the eight different kinds of love, and we discuss Catholic theologian Bernard Brady's five attributes or characteristics of love -- how love is affective, affirming, responsive, unitive and steadfast. We discuss what is commonly missing from philosophical and theological approaches to love, and we briefly touch in the death of love and distortions of love.

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Past Episodes

Archived podcasts from March 2020 through May 2021

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