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RCC Scholarship Fund Donation

We believe that anyone desiring to work on their human formation should have the opportunity to do so. We never turn down anyone down due to financial reasons. Would you be willing to contribute to a scholarship fund to help offset the costs of compiling a PartsFinder Pro report or of an RCC membership for someone in need?

  • Donate $299 to sponsor one individual’s PartsFinder Pro report
  • Donate $149 to sponsor half a PFP report
  • Donate $99 per month to sponsor an RCC member’s ongoing subscription
  • Donate $49 per month to sponsor half an RCC member’s ongoing subscription

You can choose to donate one time or recurring (monthly), or set your own amount.

Donations are not tax deductible. If you need to edit a recurring monthly donation later, please contact us.

Help us reach our $12,000 scholarship fund goal for the St. Francis Xavier Cohort!

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