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Guest Appearances

The TRUTH About Conspiracy Theories (Or Is It?!)

Get out your tin hats, today we’re talking conspiracy theories! JUST KIDDING, no tin hats required! But we are talking not about conspiracy theories themselves, but how to survive in a world where sometimes, the line between the truth and the conspiracy is…a bit murky. Or is it?!

The Chris Stefanick Show

Gerry Crete Explains 'Litanies Of The Heart'

Dr. Gerry Crete, founder of Transfiguration Counseling and Coaching, joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss a Christian approach to treating trauma. You can find Crete’s book “Litanies of the Heart: Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety through Healing Our Parts” here.

Federalist Radio Hour

Dr. Gerry Crete Litanies of the Heart: Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety

Dr. Gerry discusses Litanies of the Heart.

Determined to Be Catholic

Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety Through Healing our Parts w/ Dr. Gerry Crete

Dr. Gerry Crete discusses his new book with Matt Fradd.

Pints with Aquinas

Outgrowing Porn Through Parts Work

How can parts work help us outgrow porn? Dr. Gerry Crete combines Christian faith, internal family systems, attachment theory, and EMDR into a powerful approach to outgrowing porn. Learn why we need to work with parts pre-emptively, how to “break the spell” when you’re in a trance state, and practical ways Jesus can meet our attachment needs.

Husband Material

Dr. Gerry Crete Wrote Litanies Of The Heart To Help With PTSD Counseling

Dr. Gerry Crete talks with Bishop Robert P. Reed and Monet Souza about his approach to treating trauma and PTSD. He shares how this inspired him to write Litanies Of The Heart.

This Is The Day

Dr. Gerry Crete

Dr. Gerry Crete joins us to discuss dealing with trauma, along with his book Litanies of the Heart

Real Presence Radio

The Catholic Morning Show - Dr. Gerry Crete

Dr. Gerry Crete discusses his new book with Jon Leonetti.

The Catholic Morning Show

Recovering From Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Gerry Crete

On this episode, I spoke with Dr. Gerry Crete about his new book and how it can help the listener recover from stress and anxiety. During our conversation, we covered:

  • His background as a licensed marriage and family therapist
  • An overview of his book, “Litanies of the Heart”
  • The effects of “original trauma”
  • The different parts of who we are
  • And much more…

Gotta Be Saints

Overcoming Narcissism with Dr. Peter Malinoski

Is it possible to heal narcissism? Is there hope for our narcissistic friends and family to change? Today I sit down with clinical physiologist, Dr. Peter Malinoski, to unravel some of the misconceptions about narcissism. We discuss the intricacies of narcissistic heart and behavior, the emptiness of the heart that every narcissist is trying to fill, and how being rooted in the truth of their identity can be a healing balm to their deepest wounds.

The Lila Rose Podcast

Healing Through Parts Work and Litanies of the Heart, w/ Dr. Gerry Crete

In this week’s episode, Dr. Greg welcomes Dr. Gerry Crete to the show for a deep dive discussion into Dr. Gerry’s new book, Litanies of the Heart! Listen in as they unpack how “parts work” can help in overcoming anxiety and trauma as well as aid in finding greater life fulfillment and a more intimate relationship with God.

Being Human

Dr. Gerry Crete Wrote Litanies of the Heart

All of us are wounded and in need of healing. In these pages, Dr. Gerry Crete accompanies you on your journey to overcome anxiety and traumas big or small.

Action for Life Florida

These Prayers Bring Instant Peace

Dr. Gerry Crete joins us to discuss his all-new book, “Litanies of the Heart: Relieving Post-Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety through Healing Our Parts.”

Rosary Army

Working With Parts That Want Porn (IFS)

Dr. Peter Malinoski was one of five presenters in this year’s The Porn-Free Man online conference. In this session, he discusses how individuals can work with the parts of themselves that want porn, what needs those parts are trying to fulfill, and how to help those parts heal and get those needs met in healthy ways. Based in Internal Family Systems and grounded in a Catholic anthropology, this presentation sheds new light on porn addiction.

Husband Material

Truth, Culture, Life With Royce Hood

This weekend Dr. Gerry Crete joins the show. Dr. Gerry is the author of the new book Litanies of the Heart – Relieving Post Traumatic Stress and Calming Anxiety through Healing Our Parts.

Sophia Institute Press

How to Deal With a Narcissist with Dr. Peter Malinoski

The Chris Stefanick Show featured Dr. Peter Malinoski, a clinical psychologist who is an expert in loving people out of narcissism. Dr. Malinoski talks about how to identify a narcissist, how to heal from narcissism, and how to find healing if you’ve been hurt by a narcissist.

The Chris Stefanick Show

The Three Essential Relationships (Part 2: Myself) with Dr. Peter Malinoski

Jake and Bob bring on fellow podcast host & Catholic psychology leader, Dr. Peter Malinoski. Dr. Malinoski is a clinical psychologist and the president and co-founder of Souls and Hearts. In this episode, Dr. Malinoski talks about the different “parts” of ourselves and the process of getting those parts into a more perfect unity. This process will help us to live the Greatest Commandment more fully because when we love ourselves, we can love our neighbor more fully.

Restore the Glory Podcast

St. Dymphna, St. Maria Goretti, and the Litanies of the Heart

For World Mental Health Day, the National Catholic Register invited our dear Dr. Gerry to contribute, and he discusses his parts’ reactions to the sufferings of Sts. Dymphna and Maria Goretti and shows how these saints’ love is stronger than death.

National Catholic Register

Unburdening Sexual Arousal (with Dr. Peter Malinoski)

Drew courageously recorded a demonstration of an IFS session with me exploring this distressing part of his life. In that 79-minute episode titled “Unburdening Sexual Arousal,” we connected with his protectors first, before unburdening his exiles. It’s truly an amazing and authentic IFS experience. 

Husband Material

Guided IFS Experiential Exercise

Drew’s mission is to help Christian men overcome pornography use and become much better “husband material” in Christian marriage. In this episode, you’ll be guided through an exercise using the internal family systems model (IFS). I demonstrate how to connect with your parts–including parts that might be attached to porn and unwanted sexual behavior.

Husband Material

Experience Healing Through IFS

Drew’s mission is to help Christian men overcome pornography use and become much better “husband material” in Christian marriage. In this episode, we discuss why healing experiences are essential for outgrowing porn using Internal Family Systems (IFS), which can help us heal by meeting the five attachment needs we all have.

Husband Material

Catholic Psychology -- Souls and Hearts

Charbel Raish and I discuss my work as a psychologist and how to integrate the practice of psychology with the eternal Truth of our Catholic Faith.


Litany for a Burnt-Out Soul

Aleteia offers a shortened version of the Litany of the Closed Heart, referring to it as a Litany for a Burnt-Out Soul.


Healing in the Wake of Roe V. Wade w/ Dr. Gerry Crete

Dr. Gerry Crete and Matt Fradd discuss how we can heal after 50 years of the abortion holocaust.

Pints with Aquinas

Revealing Our True Nature with Dr. Gerry Crete

On the Nourished Soul podcast, Dr. Gerry and Dr. Kelli Ritter discuss the solid relational connection with all of our parts within and how to have a harmony and peace grounded in a solid Catholic identity.

The Nourished Soul

Why Dr Gerry Crete Fused Faith and Attachment Theory Psychology into a 'Litany of the Heart'

Dr. Gerry and Dominic De Souza talk about the history behind the Litanies of the Heart, as well as Dr. Gerry’s history and the history and mission of Souls and Hearts.


Interview with Dr. Peter Malinoski: "Human Formation Is Essential to Catholic Formation"

Human formation.  Spiritual growth.  What’s the relationship between the two?  Join Dr. Peter Malinoski as he joins Dr. Peter Howard to discuss how critical an authentic Catholic human formation is as a foundation for a vibrant Catholic spiritual life.  Check out Episode 9 of “The Catholic Patriot” here on YouTube or for an energetic and engaging conversation about this neglected but essential topic:  Catholic Human Formation.

Fulton Sheen Institute

Being Human Podcast - Episode 36: A Guided Exercise w/ Dr. Peter Malinoski

Listen in as Dr. Peter is a guest on Episode 35 of Catholic psychologist Greg Bottaro’s podcast “Being Human” titled “Why Do I Feel Like I Have Conflicting Parts?” — In this episode, we talk about Dr. Richard Schwartz and Internal Family Systems, “parts” within yourself, good and bad relationships with your own parts and how parts connect to the Catholic faith.  Check it out here on iTunes, here on Spotify, or here on Google podcasts.  If you want the video version check it out on YouTube here.

CatholicPsych Institute

Ask a Catholic Therapist ANYTHING! W/ Dr. Gerry Crete

Dr. Gerry is a therapist specializing in therapy for individuals, couples, and families; he is the founder and president of Transfiguration Counseling and is an EMDR certified therapist and EMDRIA approved Consultant who specializes in the treatment of trauma and anxiety disorders.

Pints with Aquinas

The Psychology of Courage

Join Dr. Peter in his guest appearance on the “The Catholic Gentleman” with John Heinen and Sam Guzman, discussing the radical difference between fearlessness and courage, among other topics at the intersection of psychology and Catholicism.

The Catholic Gentleman

The Importance of Inner Work

Dr. Peter is a guest on SmartCatholics program this week where he discusses the importance of doing inner work for Catholics. It plays an important role in improving both an individual’s mental and spiritual health. Listen to the livestream.


Homeschooling and Mental Health

Dr. Peter and registered clinical counselor Jody Garneau discuss mental health and homeschooling on this week’s episode of Kolbecast, the official podcast of Kolbe Academy. Among topics discussed are human formation as foundation for spiritual formation, the importance of parents’ mental health when homeschooling, and how to broach the topic of mental health where there might be resistance or fear. Tune in to hear the program.


Tolerating Being Loved

Dr. Peter discusses that although real love is given freely, it is often not received easily or freely in our fallen world. Listen to this week’s continuation of a video series published by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).


Openess vs. Receptivity

Dr. Peter discusses the difference between openness, which is a personality trait, versus receptivity, which goes beyond openness to a relationship with God, as part of a video series published by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).


Loneliness vs. Alienation

Dr. Peter discusses the difference between loneliness, which is an emotion, versus alienation, which is an objective reality, as part of a video series published by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS).


Talking With Friends and Family About Q'Anon

Dr. Peter was extensively interviewed for an article that came out in The Pillar, a Catholic online magazine, entitled “How to Talk to your Family and Friends about Q’Anon.”

The Pillar

Why Do I Avoid God?

Dr. Peter’s February 19, 2021 webinar for the Catholic Psychotherapy Association entitled “Why Do I Avoid God?  A Catholic, IFS-Informed Approach to Parts’ Problematic God Images” is now available for purchase.  In this 3-hour webinar, Dr. Peter discusses how each person has separate and enduring constellations of thoughts, emotions, abilities, relational styles, and more that affect his or her view of God.

Catholic Psychological Association

Trauma-Fueled Behaviors

Jim O’Day speaks with Dr. Gerry about the traumas that everyone experiences in life as well as how those traumas can effect our behaviors and propensity for addictions, and most importantly, how we can heal from their effects.

Integrity Restored

Healing From Porn Addiction

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Adam Cross about pornography addiction within the natural desire and need for authentic intimacy as humans. We discuss the need to solve the right problem when treating porn, the origins of its use, and the hope for healing!

The Catholic Therapist

What Does Trauma Have to Do With Addiction?

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Patti Di Rico and addresses what trauma has to do with addictions and how one fuels the other.

Holistic Healing Atlanta

The Roots of Scrupulosity

Dr. Peter discusses the roots of scrupulosity from a Catholic perspective as well as how to solve “the right problem” within the therapy process.

The Catholic Therapist, Adam Cross

Growing in Resilience During COVID-19

Dr. Peter is a guest on Faith in Action, a program on Catholic Radio in Indianapolis. He discusses how to grow in resilience during COVID-19.

Faith in Action

Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Matt Fradd about psychology, the subconscious, trauma, anxiety and addictions. During their conversation, learn about typical objections to therapy and how counseling provides a safe place to explore deeply.

Pints with Aquinas

Unpacking Addiction

Dr. Gerry discusses the typical signs of addiction and how the inability to stop affects the moral weight of the action. Individuals often wonder if they are “just bad,” but they fail to understand that full consent to an immoral act is not possible if true addiction is present.

Catholic Late Night

Brain Development and Addictive Cycles

Dr. Gerry discusses how the brain makes connections that lead to addictive cycles. For example, engaging in pornography can seem to satisfy a natural desire for love and connection. The brain is tricked into believing that pornography is needed for survival, which fuels ongoing addiction.

Catholic Late Night

The Secret to Uncover What's Bothering You

Dr. Peter invites listeners to participate in an experiential exercise to help you uncover, connect with, and address an annoying thought or emotion that you wish you didn’t have.

Catholic Late Night

Discovering Who You Are

Dr. Peter helps listeners understand what is at the core of each person’s being. We often mistakenly and inaccurately define ourselves by what we do or who we know.  To understand our identity, we have to go back to the fact that we are beloved children of God.

Catholic Late Night

Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Dealing with Stress

Matt Fradd interviews Dr. Gerry about how real and perceived threats affect both our bodies and minds as well as better ways to understand and cope with perceived threats.

Pints with Aquinas

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