Guest Appearances and Interviews

Talking With About Friends and Family About Q'Anon

Dr. Peter was extensively interviewed for an article that came out in The Pillar, a Catholic online magazine, entitled "How to Talk to your Family and Friends about Q'Anon"

The Pillar

Why Do I Avoid God?

Dr. Peter's February 19, 2021 webinar for the Catholic Psychotherapy Association entitled "Why Do I Avoid God?  A Catholic, IFS-Informed Approach to Parts' Problematic God Images" is now available for purchase.  In this 3-hour webinar, Dr. Peter discusses how each person has separate and enduring constellations of thoughts, emotions, abilities, relational styles, and more that affect his or her view of God.

Catholic Psychological Association

Shame, Shame, Go Away

Dr. Mario Sacasa interviews Dr. Peter about the elements of shame. They discuss the five elements of shame, when it can be helpful, and when it can be problematic.

Faith and Marriage



Psychosomatic Illness

Dr. Peter explains the connection of the mind and the body through psychosomatic illnesses – when symptoms are caused by the mind. He shares common causes, treatments, and practices everyone can use to try to calm the fears and anxieties that might cause physical symptoms. 

Doctor Doctor

Boundaries Are Good

Dr. Mario Sacasa interviews Dr. Gerry about the importance of setting boundaries in relationships, the dangers of poor boundaries, and how to reclaim some stability.

Faith and Marriage

Trauma-Fueled Behaviors

Jim O'Day speaks with Dr. Gerry about the traumas that everyone experiences in life as well as how those traumas can effect our behaviors and propensity for addictions, and most importantly, how we can heal from their effects.

Integrity Restored

Healing From Porn Addiction

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Adam Cross about pornography addiction within the natural desire and need for authentic intimacy as humans. We discuss the need to solve the right problem when treating porn, the origins of its use, and the hope for healing!

The Catholic Therapist

What Does Trauma Have to Do With Addiction?

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Patti Di Rico and addresses what trauma has to do with addictions and how one fuels the other.

Holistic Healing Atlanta

The Roots of Scrupulosity

Dr. Peter discusses the roots of scrupulosity from a Catholic perspective as well as how to solve "the right problem" within the therapy process. 

The Catholic Therapist, Adam Cross

Mask Hysteria

Dr. Peter talks about the divergent responses to the growing number of mask mandates around the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.and helps us understand the deeper reasons people might be resistant to mandates.

Redeemer Radio, EWTN


Pornography and Grace

Dr. Gerry discusses pornography as not only a problem, but as an addiction. During this interview, he discusses the effect of pornography on marriages and the challenges that priests face in dealing with this common issue.

Anglican Compass

Growing in Resilience During COVID-19

Dr. Peter is a guest on Faith in Action, a program on Catholic Radio in Indianapolis. He discusses how to grow in resilience during COVID-19.

Faith in Action


The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Peter talks about the psychology behind willingness to believe conspiracy theories, the role of fear and insecurity in how we process news and ideas, how faith can help in pursuit of peace and truth, and some tips for how we can best respond to news and theories shared among friends and family. 

Doctor Doctor

Anxiety, Trauma and Addiction

Dr. Gerry is interviewed by Matt Fradd about psychology, the subconscious, trauma, anxiety and addictions. During their conversation, learn about typical objections to therapy and how counseling provides a safe place to explore deeply.

Pints with Aquinas

Brain Development and Addictive Cycles

Dr. Gerry discusses how the brain makes connections that lead to addictive cycles. For example,  engaging in pornography can seem to satisfy a natural desire for love and connection. The brain is tricked into believing that pornography is needed for survival, which fuels ongoing addiction.

Catholic Late Night

Unpacking Addiction

Dr. Gerry discusses the typical signs of addiction and how the inability to stop affects the moral weight of the action. individuals often wonder if they are "just bad," but they fail to understand that full consent to an immoral act is not possible if true addiction is present.

Catholic Late Night

Mental Health Professionals Give Tips on Handling Pandemic Stress

Dr. Gerry chimes in with other mental health professionals about the struggles that many people are facing today, the hidden gifts that others have found, and the importance of prayer during stressful times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Georgia Bulletin

Discovering Who You Are

Dr. Peter helps listeners understand what is at the core of each person's being. We often mistakenly and inaccurately define ourselves by what we do or who we know.  To understand our identity, we have to go back to the fact that we are beloved children of God.

Catholic Late Night

The Secret to Uncover What's Bothering You

Dr. Peter invites listeners to participate in an experiential exercise to help you uncover, connect with, and address an annoying thought or emotion that you wish you didn't have.

Catholic Late Night

Mindfulness, Self-Care, and Dealing with Stress

Matt Fradd interviews Dr. Gerry about how real and perceived threats affect both our bodies and minds as well as better ways to understand and cope with perceived threats.

Pints with Aquinas

Dr. Gerry on the Will Within

Dr. Gerry will address the psychological effects we all find yourselves currently enduring. He'll address issues of anxiety, Tele-Health as well as to offer self-help practices that we can incorporate.

The Will Within