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Have you ever wondered what Catholic psychotherapists talk about outside of their sessions? 

Once a month, Souls and Hearts will bring together several seasoned Catholic clinicians in an open, spontaneous, free-ranging and fascinating discussion about psychology and the Faith. Come be a fly on the wall and peek in as Catholic therapists share experiences and opinions, debate one another, and dive deep into important issues where psychology and Catholicism meet.


Church Scandals: Approaching Solutions

Eight Catholic therapists discuss possible solutions to the church scandals. Although all agree that honesty and communication are important, the level of disclosure and how each individual case is handled must be discerned carefully.

The therapists share some well-handled examples where priests leave for treatment of a mental health issue and then return to the church family with a willingness to share his story and healing. They discuss the need for a formal way to encourage human formation on a regular basis.

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